Opening to Your Wisdombody Retreats

Take an adventure and come home to your true self.

Opening to your Wisdombody Retreats will allow you to touch the quiet space within and align with your essential self in all its creativity.

Coping with the stresses of today’s busy world requires us to create new strategies for staying centered, healthy and whole.

These retreats are designed to help you connect deeply to your inner wisdom and strength through movement and meditation.  Each day through mindful movement meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, and Authentic Movement we soften into our intuitive selves and come to a place of clarity and balance.

Come away refreshed and renewed brimming with an appreciation for the gifts you have to share in the world.

The next retreat is:

Coming Soon!

If you are interested in advance notice of upcoming retreats, please Contact us and complete the easy to use Form.