Mindful Movement Meditation as a doorway to Embodying the Divine Self

Through Wisdombody Yoga we have an opportunity to open to our true selves and realign our awareness with the divine, coming into a state of oneness with all things.

Each class begins by entering meditation and leaving the stresses of the day behind. Our time together is a moving meditation or mindfulness in motion.

Through Yoga Asanas ~ Pranayama ~ Meditation and Qi Gong practices we cultivate life force energy, connect to the earth and sky,  and align with our true nature.

Develop a new relationship with your:

~ Gain Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Find new ways of being in your body with Increased Energy and Stamina.

~ Release Stressful Thinking ~ Increase Creativity ~ Develop Focus and Ease Emotional Distress

~ Reunite with your Intuitive Self ~ your Wisdombody ~ Connect with your Authentic Self  bringing it more fully into the world ~ Develop the awareness that you are a part of something much larger than the individual self.

Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga Classes held in East Greenbush, New York

Tuesdays 10:00-11:00~~Extra Gentle~~This group class is especially suited for beginners and those experiencing physical challenges, recovering from an injury or focusing on aging gracefully. All levels are welcome.

Tuesday 5:30 -6:45 ~~ Mixed Level ~~ A group class for Beginner and Intermediate Students

Thursday 10:00 – 11:15 ~~ Mixed Level ~~ A group class for Beginner and Intermediate Students

Private & Semi-Private Yoga Classes by appointment